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Fall 2017 Bucket List!


Happy Fall! The reality is it is officially October and Florida weather is still as hot, rainy, and humid as ever. But, pumpkin-flavored everything is lining all of the store shelves and things are starting to feel a bit more cozy. I love Fall. Add pumpkin flavoring to anything and I instantly love it 10x more. Countless traditions, memories, and important life changes have happened in the fall months. And I love a great pair of suede ankle boots.

It’s just in my nature to whip up a good ol’ to do list so here are some of the things I am most excited to enjoy this season.

  1. Visit the pumpkin patch 

  2. Wear cute ankle booties

  3. Watch Hocus Pocus

  4. Eat PUMPKIN (and pumpkin spice) everything. 

  5. Cozy up with hot tea and good books (especially thrillers for October)

  6. Make a gratitude list

  7. Stay in and have a movie marathon (bonus points for movies set in Autumn)

  8. Make my own pumpkin spice granola

  9. Knit a scarf

  10. Eat candy corn 

  11. Go Black Friday Shopping

  12. Re-watch all seasons of Gilmore Girls

  13. Take a long drive

  14. Go on a hike

  15. Bake pumpkin treats


 How are you making the most out of the Fall season this year?