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Happy Wednesday! Today, I rounded up some creative inspiration from across the web I stumbled upon in the past few months.


  • I love the mobile jewelry boutique concept of Gypset Collective. The unique business model has me considering innovative ways to launch and run my own creative business. Living in a digital age opens up so much possibly for new types of entrepreneurship but cool things are also being done in my own city. I have always loved the idea of using pop up shops and community markets to share goods and services locally.


  • Youtube is full of niche communities of content creators on pretty much any topic imaginable. I love discovering artists who share videos about their process. Kendyll Hillegas is an established illustrator whose work is often focused on food. Her youtube channel has been a great resource for tips on becoming a freelance illustrator as well as recommendations for new art supplies. Her timelapse illustration videos are the best!


  • Every time Lauren Hom posts show up on my instagram feed I cannot help but smile. Not only is her lettering incredibly beautiful but her story of turning a chalk lettering passion project into a full time freelance career is awesome! Her #flourcrown series is also so worth scrolling through.


  • This article from Cyd over at The Sweetest Occasion blog really resonated with me. It is refreshing to see such an honest piece of writing on the web. Cyd’s experience helped me recognize that part of growing creatively will require me to confront tough emotions I have been grappling with for years.