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Update: Etsy Shop, What I Am Working On, Etc.


I am currently nursing a cold that has been developing since yesterday with hot tea and fuzzy slippers. Today I am feeling very uninspired, or rather, uninspired to do anything that would require me to have to sit in an upright position for more than maybe 15 min at a time. In the spirit of transparency, I decided to write an update about what has been going on for me lately in terms of my creative journey. In addition, I want to talk about things that you can expect to see coming really soon.

What I Have Been Working On


  • GOUACHE! Gouache is a type of water based media, kind of like a more opaque watercolor, that I am loving experimenting with. Watercolor brush lettering and illustrations are feeling so good to work with lately and the vivid colors I get with gouache paints are awesome. I have been mostly using Winsor & Newton designer gouache.


  • I have been doing some custom work, primarily with lettering on just about any surface you can imagine, and that has been so much fun. This type of work has been not only helping me gauge the type of products I want to offer more regularly through the Heart and Bloom shop but has also pushed me outside of my comfort zone in ways I had not anticipated. It is not always easy to understand and interpret a client’s vision as the creator but it’s an important exercise to be able to prepare for the future work I want to do.


  • Tweaks to this blog! I am figuring out exactly what I want to accomplish with Heart and Bloom as a brand identity for my budding creative business and as a blog platform to share my work and life through illustrations, words, pictures. I imagine you will continue to see changes around here. From the blog theme to hopefully a more consistent posting schedule.


  • Subscribe! You can now sign up to receive regular updates on what I am working on and be the first to find out when new products are listed in my shop. If you check out the form in the side bar you can add your name and email to my email subscription. I promise these will be not at all spammy and less frequent than the Groupon/Pinterest/Amazon emails currently clogging your inbox.


    Coming Soon


  • An ETSY shop!! I know I have been discussing this for ages but I am going to be working hard in the coming weeks to list some items that will be more of a sampling of my overall long-term vision for my shop. Etsy seems like the best route for me to go currently; especially with the full control over the products I sell. You can expect both custom and pre-made listings for wood lettering pieces, beautiful watercolor lettering, and personalized moleskine notebooks. By the end of the summer, I hope to be set up to also list some prints of illustrations I am working on and will share soon!


  • I am PUMPED about my upcoming calligraphy weekend workshop in Atlanta, GA this summer where I will be focusing on flourishing. Not only am I looking forward to adorning my calligraphy work with more beautiful, flowering elements but I am even more encouraged by the opportunity to address all the fear and anxiety I can feel when putting pen to paper.


  • Just having fun with it! Making things and art is an incredibly frustrating but magical experience. I never quite feel 100% sure or satisfied with what I produce. To be honest, I am not sure that feeling is ever going to leave me. So I want to enjoy where I am at in this moment knowing I won’t be where I am in 6 months, 1 year, 6 years. I want to embrace this crazy dream I have, the support from family/friends, the makeshift work space in my old bedroom. Life looks so different at 25, almost 26, than I imagined but that is quite alright.


To any of my friends, family, and likeminded creatives thank you for taking an interest in the work I am making by supporting me with your commissioned projects, Instagram likes, comments, hi-fives. You all are amazing!