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Moments [March 2017]


Wow! March, where did you go? In hindsight, this month feels like it flew by and just like that spring is here. I am not sure I am ready for April but will prepare myself to jump all in to the challenges it will bring anyways. Also, I am excited to continue to enjoy the spring months. I have already begun some spring cleaning and I have been really enjoying the added daylight at the end of each day. All these things have been making me feel more energized and I am finding new ways to create more space in my life for what feels great.

To be honest, March has been full of hard work, uncertainty, creative blocks, good food, self care, and increased confidence. My emotions have spanned the range of extreme anxiety to pure elation. One important part of navigating such a wide array of emotions is certainly reflecting and celebrating the little moments of each day or week. Not all of March was pretty, but here are some moments that were.

I have been taking more time, when I have it, to go through the process of preparing a meal for myself. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat and also my favorite to cook. It has felt really good lately to not rush it. 

Rifle Paper Co. is a top favorite in the illustration and stationary game. When I heard their local shop was having their Spring Sidewalk Sale, I decided to meet up with a friend after work to check it out. And because I obviously do not already own enough pretty notebooks, I picked up another along with some cute cards to add to my collection. 

After church on Sunday afternoons I have been treating myself to a yummy lunch and some quiet time. Honestly, I was not even quite sure what an acai berry was before this day. I am happy to report whatever they are is delicious and pair nicely with a good book in the park. 

I am an introvert in so many ways. It affects the relationships I have with others, how I create, and most importantly the way I feel. Quiet moments of solitude can be rare but are really important to me. I cherish these moments with a good book curled up in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. 

I enjoy expressing creativity in so many ways. Especially when it involves wine. Sister nights very often include great food and plenty of wine but the paintbrush and canvas was a huge bonus. 

Passion Fruit Strawberry donuts from Valkyrie Doughnuts (donut/doughnut…whatever) are a new favorite. Enough said.

March Moments

Heart and Bloom had a couple custom wood sign orders this month! So much fun expressing myself through hand lettering in a way others can enjoy. 

What were the best parts of your month in March?