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My Spring Bucket List: 12 Things To Do This Spring


Living in Florida means that there is really not much distinction in seasons. The days pretty much exist on a scale of “I am melllltttiiinggg” to “Quick pull out the boots/scarves for this day-long winter“. So the onset of spring did not immediately feel like a huge shift from previous seasons in the way it may have for other people. Even still, I find it useful to break down my year in terms of seasons whether with goal setting or planning activities/travel.

Bucket lists have always been something I have enjoyed reading about but they can be a bit intimidating to construct. In my love affair with list making, I always seem to discover a new way to to express my goals/emotions/necessities through a good ole list. Sometimes breaking things down in this way just makes me feel more excited and motivated to do them. Anyone else? I came up with a list of 12 things I am looking forward to this spring season. I am calling this my Spring Bucket List but really you may call it whatever you want. (May I suggest: Spring Fling Things, Super Rad Spring Check list, The List, …)The intent is the same as it is meant to encourage you to get the most out of the best parts of this season.


Spring Bucket List

1. Have a picnic in the park

I love the idea of heading into my local grocery store to buy some fresh produce, scooping up some sweet treats from a local bakery and packing it all up for a nice little picnic in the park. Whether enjoying on a park bench by the fountain or spread out on a cozy blanket underneath a tree, I am looking forward to enjoying some afternoons reading or drawing in nature in this way.

2. Do some spring cleaning

I have already started purging my beauty and bath products; discarding old forgotten samples of perfume and eye cream. I made an effort to simplify my makeup bag which has left me feeling light and free. Therefore, I want to continue that process into other aspects of my physical belongings including clothing, shoes, books, and art supplies. I read about someone doing weekly ‘Spring Cleaning Sundays’ and I like the idea of making it a regular part of my week throughout this season.

3. Visit a local farmers market

Farmers markets are a lot of fun and right up my alley. My love of the Winter Park Farmers’ Market may have began after eating some out of this world bagels one vendor was selling but really fresh seasonal produce, flowers, and plants are all equally lovely. This spring, I plan to explore some other local favorites like the Orlando Farmers Market in Downtown Orlando and the Winter Garden Farmers Market a bit outside the city.

4. Explore new hiking trails

I am not what you (or anyone) would call “outdoorsy” but I can still appreciate the allure of nature. Hiking is interesting in central Florida because it is all very flat. So is it still hiking or do we just call that walking? Anyways, part of my spring bucket list is to get outdoors and exploring some nearby trails sounds like a good way to do that.

5.Pick fresh berries (and bake them into something wonderful)

A significant part of my childhood memories include annual trips to Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries in my hometown. I can remember eating them, dirt and all, as we picked and taking home several pounds worth of fresh delicious berries. There is really no excuse for the fact that I have not been this season but I am going to be even more ambitious and aim to bake part of the berry haul into something delicious like a pie or strawberry  shortcake.

6. Take advantage of longer daylight each day

I feel so much more energized at the end of a long work day when I come home and still have daylight remaining to enjoy. Therefore, I plan to use the extra daylight to take advantage of things I normally put off like evenings walks or patio happy hours. Additionally, I am most excited for the later hours of natural lighting for my Instagram pictures. Is this not a problem for anyone else as it typically is for me?

7. Keep fresh blooms in my room all season

Fresh flowers do so much to elevate my mood in any space. I usually pick up an inexpensive bunch from Trader Joes or Publix for under $5. During the spring there is an abundance of seasonal blooms available and I love spending some time choosing what will inspire me throughout the week.

8. Visit botanical gardens

When I was considering the activities I wanted to take advantage of this spring, I ventured out into the internet for inspiration. I saw a lot of lists with items like “plant a garden” or “grow some flowers”. However, when you have a black thumb and you are a little afraid to dig in the dirt those things are quite laughable. Instead, I would like to do the next best thing and visit a nice botanical garden, like Leu Gardens. There I can enjoy all the pretty plants and flowers my heart desires and leave the actual gardening to the professionals.

9. Eat pastries at little bake shops across town

This may be one thing that is uniquely personal to how I feel when I think about spring. I imagine sipping tea and enjoying sweet pastries in little bakeries around the city. There is something about the light and airy nature of spring that has me craving flaky croissants and other delicate desserts. Some of the places top of my list are Buttermilk Bakery in Winter Park and the P is for Pie Bake Shop in the Audubon Park neighborhood.

10. Paint lots of florals and bring my sketchbook out in nature

Florals are a big inspiration for me year round but this spring I will be drawing even more of that inspiration into the work I produce. So get ready for some featured floral watercolors and maybe some floral inspired flourishes in my lettering. Also, I will tackle my fear of public sketching and bring my sketchbook out with me more in my daily adventures in places other than just cafes. Probably.

11. Read lots of Jane Austen (and watch movie adaptations)

Okay. So, I am not really sure what about Jane Austen novels makes me think of spring but a bookish item on this list felt like a necessity. Also, it made sense in my head, so, cool? I kicked off my Jane Austen reading with Pride and Prejudice and next up might be Emma. Either way I think it is fun to make seasonal TBRs and spring seems like a great time to jump into Austen. It is also a great excuse to enjoy some of the many Austen movie adaptations waiting to be watched in my Netflix account.

12. Get a membership to an art museum

I love art museums and I have been contemplating an annual membership for the past few months. The Orlando Museum of Art has some cool programming and exhibits this season. A membership will definitely encourage me to spend more time enjoying some of the art my city has to offer.


What is on your spring bucket list?


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  1. Great spring bucket list. I will be more than happy to join you in a hiking trail. I would like to visit an art museum as well. It’s been too long….