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Moments [February 2017]


One of the my favorite things about a really exciting experience is what happens afterwards. I love to look back and reflecting on all the special, funny, or just plain happy moments of the day. This happens not just on special occasions but daily when I see, do, touch, taste something that brings some bit of joy into my life. Life moves fast and it is too easy to miss those single meaningful moments. Reflection has always played an important part in how I experience and enjoy the world around me.

Therefore, I decided to share a monthly recap of sorts told through pictures of certain moments that have stuck with me throughout the past month. While not all moments are meant to be shared or can be captured through Snapchat, I am  just sharing some that stick out from my phone’s camera roll. Although let’s be honest, that is mostly full of donut pictures and screenshots of funny stuff I see on Instagram.



The Great Gatsby play at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Red tulips and other Valentine’s day surprises

Impromptu trip to Gideon’s Bakehouse for the BEST Pistachio Toffee Dark Chocolate cookies

Microns, Moleskine, and many nights of journaling