Hi!  I’m Lissette, the impassioned creator behind the pen and brush of Heart and Bloom! I have a love for all things art, design, and crafting that spans twenty five years to date. I illustrate bits of my life and enjoy celebrating the small moments. I also love browsing shelves at quaint book stores, spontaneous late night brownie baking, and time spent on a yoga mat.

Heart and Bloom is my illustrated journey full of lessons in living each day with purpose, creative awakenings, daily doodles, and other happy adventures. I hope this very honest and colorful account of my own heartfelt discovery inspires you to take even one single step along your own personal journey.  


5 things you can expect from me…

  • First of all, plenty of compulsive list making…kind of like this one. To do lists, grocery lists, wine lists…I am just really into lists, cool?


  • A sprinkling of Gilmore Girls references. Oy with the poodles already!


  • Liberal use of the following words: creative, happiness, intention, wine – it’s what it is all about, k?


  • Regular doses of motivation to help you awaken your creative spirit.


  • The good, bad, and ugly of it all. I promise to keep it real ya’ll. The life changing moments to inspire you and the epic failures and selfie outtakes so you can laugh and learn along with me.


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