Heart and Bloom

Heart + Bloom || Illustration and Lettering

Start Where You Are.





This is the start of Heart and Bloom, a journey I am excited to take with you if you have found your way here. I have always been a creator, an artist, a maker – whatever you want to call it, although I am still trying on a title that feels right. I have created Heart and Bloom as a space to connect with and inspire other creatives, as well as discover more about myself creatively along the way. I am also a twenty something exploring life and learning more from each experience so I  hope to use this as a platform to share insight into intentionally creating a life you love.

But, I also plan to keep things real and in the spirit of that I feel it necessary to say this is a journey. So, I can make no promises of perfection. In fact, just like me at my work table with a tossed top knot and ink all over my fingers, expect things to get messy here! You are going to likely learn about all my flaws if you stick around – things like I am my own worst critic, I can’t use embossing powder without making a big huge mess, and I can not say no to a fresh donut. Although is that last one really much of a flaw?

My point is nothing is as perfect as any carefully filtered Instagram photos would lead you to believe, especially the creative process. I plan to celebrate that in a way that embraces both carefully composed shots and inspired designs  with equal parts selfie outtakes and botched projects. Now lets have some fun!